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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Well...Well, Well! I'm still alive!

Hello?!  Is anyone there??  haha Its been a very long time.  There has been a few life changing things that have occurred but nonetheless I'm still here. And here with some nail art! Although on my long hiatus I hadn't done much nail designing but when I got back into it I did with a bang!  This gel design was done about two months ago after seeing a very interesting effect a fellow nail designer  did on YouTube.  Her design was done with the intention of looking like snake skin and it was great. The 3d effect and the way colors can contrast made it a must try. With the limited gel colors that I have I figured I'd be very literal with the reptile look by chiding green and in the end it came out looking more like turtle shells which I wasn't completely upset about.  All and all I love the way it came out and it was an attention grabber/ starter. People also knew what it conversation was without being told which makes my day whenever I create a design. Hope you guys like!!!!!!! ----------------peaceful, c.lette

Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Little of This a Little of That!

This is a nail design from about 3 weeks ago. Since its winter I figured I would use a dark burgundy color but I wanted my ails to stand out more so I also chose to use a bright blue. There wasn't really a plan for this design at all. Everything was done as I went. Bling was added with the use of gold beads and blue rhinestones. I liked this design alot but the top coat created lots of air bubbles and bleeding of the color of the beads. Besides those little problems I loved the design and did others. I will be trying to do more nail art this year if I'm not too busy. I hope you guys like!!!!!!! ----------------------peaceout, c.lette

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Adorable Teddy Bear

I know I've been M.I.A.for a while and I'm sorry. Been swamped with school but I'm here right now and with a new nail post. So last week I did a design that was just too cute not to post. Recently I had bought a few new polishes so it was only fit that I use them in the design. The base background polish is nirvana by sinful colors and the polka dots was vacation time by sinful colors. I then took a teddy bear fimo cane and placed it on the ring fingers along with rows of clear rhinestones. to add some complexity and flare to the design a line of gold studs were placed going down the center of alternating finger nails. I loved the design, it turned out super cut and girlie. The colors were also great at complimenting the fall weather. I hope you guys lie cause I sure did!!!!!!! ------------peaceout, c.lette

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Silver Tipped V's!

Two weeks ago I did another simple nail design. I was really feeling the color red so I used a nice bright red as my base code. Seeing as though I haven't done a design with silver in quite sometime I decided to use it. The silver polish was used at the tip of the nail, instead of doing a normal tip I made the polish come in at the middle creating a V. To bling and shine up the design even more I used square, triangle, and rectangle rhinestones and placed them at the center of the V. All three of the types of rhinestones are used on the middle finger and the square and triangle on the other fingers. I liked this design a lot. I hope you guys do too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -----------------------peaceout, c.lette

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

V's All Around!

This week I did a orange and vibrant teal blue design. Although it didn't last after the night I did it because I wasn't really digging it, my mom thought it was cute so ha Im posting it. The nails were painted with a base coat of teal blue polish. Then a orange V was placed coming from the tips of the nails to the nail bed. To complicate and brighten up the design white dots were placed at the lines of the V. To add bling and flare a fine glitter polish with a light pigment was painted on top of the orange polish along with a clear drop shaped rhinestone where the lines of the V meet. It turned out ok but for some reason I just wasn't feeling it, Hope you guys like!!!!!!!!!!!! ---------------------peaceout, c.lette

Glitter Gradient!

Ive been trying to get back on track with my nail designs. About two weeks ago I saw that I had a really nice purple polish. I was feeling the color a lot and decided I needed to do something to it. Something simple yet flashy. I saw that I had a purple/silvery/goldish glitter polish that looked great on top of the purple. So it wouldn't be very boring I decided to use the glitter and make it look like it was gradually going across the nail building up at the tip of the nail. Of course you guys know me all to well I had to add some rhinestones for flare and bling. I liked this design a lot, I hope you guys do too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -----------------------peaceout, c.lette

Friday, June 27, 2014

Inspiration: Bed Spread

I have been very M.I.A. for the past few months (I was experiencing a serious creative block)so I knew I had to make a come back with a design that is rather complex. So I was trying to decide what I wanted to do and I just couldn't think of anything for the life of me. As I looked around my room I saw the lining of my bed spread, I realized it had a great geometric design with nice girlie colors and that's what I chose to paint. The background of the design is a pinkish/purpley/deep red and the polish that I used to do the lines to create the shape was a lighter pink. As you all know I had to throw some pizzazz in there with an accent nail. The ring fingers were painted completely pink then some beige/tan swarovski crystals were added at the cuticle are along with pink rhinestones on the sides of them. I really liked this design as the comeback post. I will be posting more and soon don't worry. I hope you guys like!!!!!!!! -------------peaceout, c.lette