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Friday, June 27, 2014

Inspiration: Bed Spread

I have been very M.I.A. for the past few months (I was experiencing a serious creative block)so I knew I had to make a come back with a design that is rather complex. So I was trying to decide what I wanted to do and I just couldn't think of anything for the life of me. As I looked around my room I saw the lining of my bed spread, I realized it had a great geometric design with nice girlie colors and that's what I chose to paint. The background of the design is a pinkish/purpley/deep red and the polish that I used to do the lines to create the shape was a lighter pink. As you all know I had to throw some pizzazz in there with an accent nail. The ring fingers were painted completely pink then some beige/tan swarovski crystals were added at the cuticle are along with pink rhinestones on the sides of them. I really liked this design as the comeback post. I will be posting more and soon don't worry. I hope you guys like!!!!!!!! -------------peaceout, c.lette

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Purple Burple Board!

Last week I was baby sitting and did my little cousins nails.of course I can't do hers and not do mine so I proceeded to do just that. Using a bluish purple and a dark pinkish purple I alternated a checker board of some sorts. A light purple was then used to go over where the two polishes met to clean it up a bit. It turned out nice but I had to add some things to make it pop. A glitter polish was used over a few tiles of the board but it still wasn't popping.  Gold rhinestones and swarovski crystals were added at the center line and branching down towards the cuticle. It was perfect after those additions and the colors for beautifully together. I liked the design but when I realized it was almost ten o'clock when they were staring to dry I snapped a quick picture and took it right off. I removed it because I knew if I were to hey in bed that they would be ruined in the morning. Anyway I hope you guys like!!!!!!!!!!!!
-----------------peaceout, c.lette

Polka Dots Everywhere!

About three weeks or so ago I took my acrylic nails of and went to get a acrylic overlay on my natural nails. Once that experience was over I needed to add some umph so I decided to do a dotted nail design. The base of this design was white. When the base dried a line using either orange or yellow was drawn down the middle of the nail.on the sides of the lines using a dotting tool dots were placed. The doors were in staggered lines and colors orange or yellow and silver. The accent nail was the nail yard in a previous design so there was plenty of flare from it.  I loved this design it was so simple but eye catching due to the colors. I hope you guys like!!!!!!!
----------------peaceout, c.lette


Some weeks ago I did a graffiti nail design that I loved. The colors were bright and were able to be seen a mile away. I started out with a white base and then sponged on neon, pink, blue, purple, yellow, and orange on top if it. I then added some lines and random swirls in white and silver for some depth to the design. I love this design because I didn't have to add any accessories for it to stand out. The colors of the polish were enough to stand on there own. I loved this design and got so many compliments on it. I hope you guys like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-------------------------peaceout, c.lette

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Blue Fuzzy Sweater!

Last week I created another v design that oddly reminded me of a comfy fuzzy sweater. The base color is a frosty looking blue which was great since the weather was cold and dim. A confetti polish was then put on the nail in a v shape starting at the cuticle to the outer corners if the tip. The confetti polish had bits of black and blue glitterwith different shapes and sizes of cuts of confetti.A silver stripper was used to line where the confetti polish and frosty polish meet. The design was not giving me enough umph so I added black studs and clear rhinestones alternately from the center of the cuticle area up to the point of the v. I liked it I hope you do too. -----------------peaceout, c.lette

Pink Princess!

About a week or two ago I wanted to do a really girlie design with all the focus at the tip. So I painted my nails with a sheer nude color them created a v shape with a sparkly pink art the tip. To make the design even more romantic I added gold hexagon shaped flakes to where the two cookies meet and a 3d bow to my ring finger. It turned out really cut but it still was missing something so I put some shimmer glitter over the pink polish. It was so girly and romantic it reminded he of a pretty pink princess.I absolutely loved this design.I hope you guys do too!!!! -------------------peaceout,c.lette

Monday, February 24, 2014

All Jewel Eveything!

This week I changed it up and made this nail design. I wanted something different so it basically was comprised of rhinestones, studs, and striping tape. I polished all my nails red except for the middle finger which was polished black. I then went in with the striping tape. I placed them in v's on the index and last finger. The thumb and pinky then had striping tape placed in a cross. The middle, index and last fingers then had studs and rhinestones placed on it. to tone the design down I placed a circle rhinestones in the center where the striping tape cross. It was a bit to red for me so then I took some of the previous used black polish and polished the v at the tip of the thumbs and pinkies. I am in love with thus design! I hope you guys like!! -------------peaceout, c.lette