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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Bling Never Hurt Nobody!

For the first time in forever I did a nail design well I wouldn't say design but I added some flare to a regular old set with some crystals. Although I liked it, it didn't add the umf I wanted but I dealt with it. Everything about this set was going great with until I realized I did the ultimate no no. Gel topcoat over regular polish, polish that I don't think was fully set underneath even though I let it dry overnight. Well once I got out the shower the next morning I noticed the gel started to wrinkle because of the polish under. It wasn't super noticeable so I let it be and went on about my business just to get to work and have crystals fall off and polish being pushed around. I don't have pictures of that catastrophe because I'm not going to put myself out there like that haha. Anyways long story short they looked great enough for me to get some pictures. Hope you guys like, I did for a very short amount of time. Btw the sparkle on the nail in the second pic was purely authentic from the sun, no editing just watermark placement. ------------------see ya, c.lette

Friday, August 25, 2017

Trend Try: SNS Powder

As I've been on my unplanned hiatus from blogging I've been trying out a few trends that of which I was supposed to blog about months ago. SNS powder being one of the latest trends I figured I'd have a stab at it. I heard some reviews about it mostly good I might add so I though t why not. Because I myself didn't know about purchasing it especially if I didn't like it I went to my local nail shop. Now my experience with the powder wasn't a great one. I don't know why because every individual in the shop does a great job at nails and that's including acrylics to shellac or basic manicure. The nails were gorgeous and the color was vibrant but the strength I am used to having just was not there. I figured I could let that slide though until I got home a few days later I noticed that a number of the nails had a cracks in the powder. Because the powder was over my natural nails I hoped the cracks wouldn't get back that it would go through my real nails. Although the nails cracked they didn't chip or break but they were weak so after another week or so I decided to clip my nails down. That was ok I guess but the overall look of the powder was far from cute. The powder or gel top coat was easy to scratch up and with nail growth that for some reason was very easy to notice the nails were horrible. My overall review of SNS powder is a 3 out of 5. It was not a completely bad experience but it was not an amazing one either. I would try it again maybe in the future when I grow my nails out without the use of acrylics, it's not anything I'll be using anytime soon. Advice: If you like extra strength because you use your hands often I recommend you get something stronger like hard gel or acrylic or I would say only to use SNS powder if you have grown your natural nails out and they are strong on their own. I hope you guys like!!!!!------------c.lette below are pics from When nails were first done, cracks after a few days, and after nails were cut down with grow

Friday, February 10, 2017

Pinterest series #2: Neon Polka Dots

I know I'm late. I am aware that I did every month but some days I'm just not up for doing my nails. I literally plan it out and choose a day and don't follow through. Today isn't that day! I have a new Pinterest series for you all. This month it's the neon polka dot design. I'm sure you guys have seen it before, it's been popping up on my Pinterest feed just about every day. Unlike the paid design I kept with this design just as it is on Pinterest. I picked corresponding colors and various dotting tools and went with the flow. When recreating this I would say be sure that you choose flat polishes, meaning ones with no sheen or shine to them. If you do choose polishes such as this be sure that they are all like that so they don't look mismatched. I'm really liking this design, it turned out great the colors are gorgeous and it allows wiggle room for if you want to personalize it. I hope you guys like!!!!!!
------------------------------------ peaceout, c.lette

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Pinterest Series: #1 Plaid!

Alright y'all the first pinterest nail test is here.  I had been wanting to try out this pinterest nail design for quite sometime. It turned out well but I did notice one thing about the way it looks. The design looks the best when there are four solid squares, if you try to change it up to make it a little different it will look off. As a whole I liked it and I got some compliments so it wasn't a complete fail. I jazzed it up with some silver lines and that was that. Hope you guys like!!!!! Peaceout

, c.lette

Thursday, December 8, 2016

I'm Back And This Time For Real! Pinterest Nail Days?

I know I've been m.i.a. for quite sometime abd honestly I don't have a lifeforms reason as to why. I had been going to a shop and getting acrylics nails, I know I know don't shame me for it. It can be addicting haha But no worries I'm back and with a series. As you all may know Pinterest is full of ideas and diys. So I've decided to gather up a few nail designs/diys posted there abd attempt to do them.   No worries I will be posting by my own nail are as well. I will start doing my nails every week like I was in the past. The only difference is that one week in each month will be dedicated to a pinterest nail diy.  They will vary in difficulty and simplicity if the design. The only thing that would be changed is an addition of my own to the overall design such as being, rhinestones etc. I hope you all will love this mini series!!! If you have any you want me to try tag it to me on pinterest using my name chelette terrell.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Blue Bling

This design is so simple anyone with basic nail art supplies should be able to do this design. There wasn't too much thought that went into this one, just polished of course and some jewels were added. If and when you are deciding to do this design or something similar to it just be mindful of the width of your nail and the size of the gems. As far as the pattern just do you. With this design I chose a blue polish that I've had for quite sometime, the color was actually very pretty on my nails. A clear polish was then added to adhere the bling. Although the design was gorgeous the time of day that I did my nails was not a good idea ha. it was a little late and I had to cook so lets just say it lasted an hour or so for me but don't get me wrong this design would've lasted a week give or take what you do with your hands. Hope you guys like!!!! -------------------peaceout, C.lette

A Simple Gradient to Bring Me Back to the Surface

It doesn't seem like I've been away for that long but when I count the time since my last post the shock and awe comes over me. To make up for it I've created a design that is simple yet very noticeable. It was going to start out as a simple solid colored back ground but then the creative bug in me took over. So two colors that contrasted but also complimented the pink were chosen. Instead of doing a gradient nail like I usually do I took the brush and brushed stroked the colors on which I liked because it was more of an organic feel instead of it being so perfect. It looked great then but just to add some extra flair I then took a dotting tool and applied some white dots in a argyle like pattern. Out of the entire design the dotting had to be the most difficult part, the white polish didn't want to cooperate but I got it done. In the end the complete look was great and I loved it, there were many compliments on the design which just proved to me that I still got it! Hope you guys like!!!! ------------------------Peaceout, C.lette