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Thursday, April 29, 2010

May Day Giveaway by Laquer ware for tips and toes

go to her site for entering info: click in the sidelink for the link to her page--->

It's not quite May 1st, but I've been thinking a lot about being a kid on May Day. We used to play Ding Dong Ditch, only when we used to play it on May Day that meant I left a sweet treat at the door of all my friends and they did the same with me. And it was all fun to open the door and see what cool surprises awaited me. So, this is my May Day Giveaway. See it as a sweet treat that will arrive at your door and if you can recapture some youthfulness from it - WooHOOO! I am very grateful for everyone who comments and reads my blog. I started it to journal my progress with learning how to stamp and keeping a picture journal of my frankens (all of those are to come), and to chronicle my polish journey. I enjoy reading all of your blogs as they offer great tools, great pictures, and great entertainment. Thank you!

Grand Prize:

Click on Picture to make it bigger.
The goodies for Grand Prize: (top row) Hello Kitty pink; FingerPaints Sketched & Etched; Orly Petit Four; Sally Hanson Hidden Treasure; (middle row) Mango Mend; Claire's mini 6 pack of foils (reviewed in previous post); Red Glitter Stripe Rite; (bottom row) Starburst. All brand new! **one person will win this prize**

Runner Up Prize:

The Goodies for Runner Up Prize: China Glaze Emerald Sparkle, Claire's Crush; FingerPaints Mixed Media Maroon; Heel to Toe Feel's Like New foot softener; Skittles. All Brand New! **one person will win this prize**

Thank You for Entering Prize:

The Goodies for Thanks for Entering Prize: Orly Poison Apple w/charm; Sweet Tarts; Save Your Sole Rich Sea Salve for feet; Save Your Sole Ebb & Flow softening foot spray. All Brand New! **one person will win this prize**

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