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Friday, September 17, 2010

A Bit of Shine!!!

Hey guys I know I haven't posted anything but I have my reasons why. lol So here a design that I did to my nails like two weeks ago. Its not as super spectacular as some of my past ones but it was pretty good to me. I mean I only did it in like 30 minutes and it turned out OK. I'm going to try and get something on my nails this weekend after I get done with all the crap I have to do. Give me some ideas! If you want me to try anything just leave a comment telling me what u want me to try and I'll try my best to get it done. I hope you guys like!!!!!
--------------peaceout, c.lette


  1. I always like your nail looks. I'm glad you are still out here and kicking! :)

  2. Glad to see you're back. I love the inverted triangles on these!