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Friday, September 9, 2011

Polka Dotted Lollipop!

I recently bought four new polishes recently and I decided to use two of them in this weeks nail design. One is a very neon hot pink and the other is a shiny light blue. Can you guys guess what else I tried for the very first time? 3D Acrylic art! So I took my chances and tried an simple lollipop with acrylic and it came out looking awesome! Sadly my left-handed self couldn't do it with my right hand so I had to hand the other lollipop on my other hand but it still came out looking hella cute. One of the past few designs I did involved polka dots and I really liked it so I put polka dots in this one as well. Of course if you don't know me by nail I jazzed it up with some sparkle by adding a silver glitter swirl on the lollipops and a few light green rhinestones on that same finger.I hope you guys like because lord knows I do!!!!
-----------------peaceout, c.lette


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