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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Burst Of Sunny Flowers!

This up coming week I have a interview so I took off my scary Halloween nails and decided I'd just wear polish and later this week after my interview paint a design. I painted my nails and wore just polish for like 2 days and I just couldn't do it. I figured I would something a little subtle, you know not so ghetto lol or a crazy over top Halloween design. I was rolling through videos on YouTube and I saw love4nails delicate one stroke poses video. I loved the way the flowers turned out that she did ,I figured I'd try it. Although mine didn't turn out as good as hers they still look great. I like the fact that they didn't turn out exactly like hers, it gives my flowers a personal touch. I did use three different acrylic paint colors. the base color is teal by forever21 love and beauty polish line. I didn't want my design to be to boring, as you all know I have to add some flare, so I added a line of small orangish rhinestones and coral pearls going down my ring fingers. I really like the result of the design, the colors and everything go together just perfectly. I hope you guys like!!!!!!!!! --------------------peaceout, c.lette

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