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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Girlie Argyle!

A couple weeks ago I decided to do my nails and I chose a argyle pattern that I would bling up like usual but it didn't go so well. I picked green and yellow colors to do the pattern with at first but the yellow wouldn't show up on top of the green so I changed the colors to pink and purple. I then took some rhinestones and a bow to make the design more me. the design didn't last too long though lol well actually it didn't last the night. My nails were still so wet and I had to eat dinner and do other things so I took it off but I did snag a pic. Warning: the picture below contains fingers with polish on the skin and dry cuticles. lol I'm so sorry for the horrid looking fingers I swear it wont happen again. I hope you guys like!!!!!!!!!!! ----------------------peaceout, c.lette

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