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Monday, January 14, 2013

Glam Pop!

This week I chose to try a new technique, dragging. With this technique you would make dots with a dotting tool in one color and then with a smaller dotting tool you would place more dots in a different color on top of the first set of dots, then drag with a marbling tool across the middle of the dots. Don't worry I was sure to put a pic tutorial below just in case I was confusing. The end result will be a drag effect with multiple colors seen through. For this design I chose wet and wild's megablast on a trip, candy-licious, i need a refresh-mint, and french white. I painted my nails going in a angle alternating colors then I put my dots to create the effect on the lines where the different colors meet, doing this made there more colors seen in the dragging. To glam up this design I added purple, pink, and blue rhinestones along with various sizes of pearls. I love how this turned out! I hope you guys like too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ------------------------peaceout, c.lette P.s.: I decided to cut my nails because on my right hand i had a few bad breaks and I figured it would just be wise to cut them so they will all grow evenly together.

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