Big Gigantic Amazon Haul!!!!!!

Lately I've really been wanting to get into doing nail art and designs with acrylic and gel, so I figured why not just go the distance. No I dont have a license or anything but I look at it this way, I've taught myself how to do alot of things and I've come this far with my nail art so why not dabble my hand into this. I have made up my mind and in the future I do plan on going to nail tech school and getting all of the certification and stuff but until then I'll be doing my own thing. Anyways thats enough rambling lets get down to the whole reason why this post is being made, THE HAUL!!!!! I did what I do best and I went shopping on Amazon lol and of course I found a whole bunch of stuff that I of course ordered! For starters there is a whole complete 36 color set of gel, 36 set of acrylic powder primer kit(it comes with so much stuff in it its unreal), practice fingers, nail dehydrate, no lift nail primer, nail forms, false nail slicer, nail display wheels, a UV lamp, and the top coat that all nail artists/designers swear bye Seche Vite. I can't wait to do some nails, it going to be hectic at my house when family and freinds come over but it will all be worth it! I hope you all enjoyed this post because I'm certainly going to enjoy playing with my new collection of nail art supplies. So far I've done four different designs, three gel and one acrylic. -----------------peaceout, c.lette p.s.: I'm working on getting my first giveaway put together so stay looking out for my posts!


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