Gel Designs!!!

When I received everything from my haul I decided to do a few gel designs. The first is a pink and purple whimsical flower design with a dried flower encapsulated in it, then there is the hot love gel nail that I did for valentines day, and lastly the fruity smoothie gel nail that has fimo canes encapsulated in it. They aren't perfect but I like to think that for a first try they turned out great.I tried once to do gel nails on myself but it didn't go to well but when doing gel nails on practice fingers it isn't all that hard and I have the hang of it better. be expecting more gel designs soon. I also got some acrylic things that I've been dabbling in and I did my first edge nail, once again its not the best but darn it I was freaking exciting and happy when I did it and saw that it didn't look like total crap. Since its spring break I will be trying to get a few posts in to make up for the short absence so look forward to that. I hope you guys like!!!! -------------------peaceout, c.lette


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