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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hello Kitty Loves Her Pearls!

This week I've upped the anty and did a mani that I absolutely love. My past manis haven't been so good looking or stand outish enough for me but that all changed this week. I had the perfect amount of time to do something hella awesome to my nails.Since I've been having the worst of luck maintaining length I decided to do a mani that is totally girly and blinding with bling. A few weeks after the big haul I ordered more design elements like rhinestones, fimo canes, etc. As I was looking though the things I saw some Hello Kitty fimo canes and figured Id do a mani based around them. So the design wouldn't be over done with Hello Kitty I put just one on one finger of each hand. Most people do pink Hello Kitty designs but the ones I have are wearing red bows so red is the polish used. I just did simple red french tips then dawned my nails with different sizes of white pearls and clear/silver rhinestones. It turned out great I LOVE it so much. I think its classy with just enough bling to it as to where they are noticeable. I hope you guys like!!!!!!!!!! ------------------------peaceout, c.lette

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