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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Awesome Press On Nails and a Little Of Your Help!

I know its summer and I said I would be around more but I haven't been. Don't worry though I have been trying to get some new things done for the future. Lately I have been doing designs on press on nails and posting them on instagram(btw my instagram name is c_lette1). I have been wanting to get you alls input on these designs because I wish to sell them in the near future. I have created a poll in which you guys could help me choose which two designs I'll be selling first. I'm doing this because so many people ask me about my nails and this way you could have your favorite set for yourself but have no fear the prices of the nails will be totally reasonable. So if you could tell me which one you prefer in the comments it would be a big help. The two with the most votes will be chosen. Thanks everyone! And to my faithful blog readers I hope you like the designs!!!!!! ----------------peaceout, c.lette Gradient Tribal
Elegant Lace
Designer Red Lipstick
Summer Sunset
More Bling Than a Diamond Ring

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