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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Zumiez Inspired Nail Art!

This week while trying to decide what nail art I wanted to do next I went looking on the web. I couldn't find anything to my liking so I just closed my laptop and thats when I noticed the pattern of a Zumiez sticker thats on it. It is bright, vibrant and full of color which I love and so it became the inspiration of this weeks design. Five colors were used, yellow,orange,pink,purple, and green. To get the colors to mesh together like the sticker I used a gradient technique. To add a bit of flare I added circle studs at the center of the cuticle. The ring finger is slightly different because I used a square stud with a circle stud instead of just two circle studs like the others. I love the design and I hope you guys do too! BTW the last picture is crappy even without flash the colors of this design are vibrant! ---------------peaceout, c.lette with flash sticker without flash

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