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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Glitzy Freehand!

I took off the last polish design and while I was watching American horror story coven I -figured I wanted to paint my nails black. Of course I couldn't just walk around with black nail polish it was just too boring so I added some umph. I took glitter polishes in pink and gold and placed them in the middle of the nail. Still bored with the outcome I took a white and silver striper polish and put some lines going across the nail. The striper polish covered up the glitter a but so to add even more bling I put rhinestones on the nails in a few places. I liked this polish but it didn't last the past the night it was done because I did them too late and my nails were very wet and it was time for me to sleep lol. I hope you guys like!!!!!!!!!!! -------------peaceout, c.lette

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