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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Purple Burple Board!

Last week I was baby sitting and did my little cousins nails.of course I can't do hers and not do mine so I proceeded to do just that. Using a bluish purple and a dark pinkish purple I alternated a checker board of some sorts. A light purple was then used to go over where the two polishes met to clean it up a bit. It turned out nice but I had to add some things to make it pop. A glitter polish was used over a few tiles of the board but it still wasn't popping.  Gold rhinestones and swarovski crystals were added at the center line and branching down towards the cuticle. It was perfect after those additions and the colors for beautifully together. I liked the design but when I realized it was almost ten o'clock when they were staring to dry I snapped a quick picture and took it right off. I removed it because I knew if I were to hey in bed that they would be ruined in the morning. Anyway I hope you guys like!!!!!!!!!!!!
-----------------peaceout, c.lette

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