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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Well...Well, Well! I'm still alive!

Hello?!  Is anyone there??  haha Its been a very long time.  There has been a few life changing things that have occurred but nonetheless I'm still here. And here with some nail art! Although on my long hiatus I hadn't done much nail designing but when I got back into it I did with a bang!  This gel design was done about two months ago after seeing a very interesting effect a fellow nail designer  did on YouTube.  Her design was done with the intention of looking like snake skin and it was great. The 3d effect and the way colors can contrast made it a must try. With the limited gel colors that I have I figured I'd be very literal with the reptile look by chiding green and in the end it came out looking more like turtle shells which I wasn't completely upset about.  All and all I love the way it came out and it was an attention grabber/ starter. People also knew what it conversation was without being told which makes my day whenever I create a design. Hope you guys like!!!!!!! ----------------peaceful, c.lette

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