A Simple Gradient to Bring Me Back to the Surface

It doesn't seem like I've been away for that long but when I count the time since my last post the shock and awe comes over me. To make up for it I've created a design that is simple yet very noticeable. It was going to start out as a simple solid colored back ground but then the creative bug in me took over. So two colors that contrasted but also complimented the pink were chosen. Instead of doing a gradient nail like I usually do I took the brush and brushed stroked the colors on which I liked because it was more of an organic feel instead of it being so perfect. It looked great then but just to add some extra flair I then took a dotting tool and applied some white dots in a argyle like pattern. Out of the entire design the dotting had to be the most difficult part, the white polish didn't want to cooperate but I got it done. In the end the complete look was great and I loved it, there were many compliments on the design which just proved to me that I still got it! Hope you guys like!!!! ------------------------Peaceout, C.lette


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