Blue Bling

This design is so simple anyone with basic nail art supplies should be able to do this design. There wasn't too much thought that went into this one, just polished of course and some jewels were added. If and when you are deciding to do this design or something similar to it just be mindful of the width of your nail and the size of the gems. As far as the pattern just do you. With this design I chose a blue polish that I've had for quite sometime, the color was actually very pretty on my nails. A clear polish was then added to adhere the bling. Although the design was gorgeous the time of day that I did my nails was not a good idea ha. it was a little late and I had to cook so lets just say it lasted an hour or so for me but don't get me wrong this design would've lasted a week give or take what you do with your hands. Hope you guys like!!!! -------------------peaceout, C.lette


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