I'm Back And This Time For Real! Pinterest Nail Days?

I know I've been m.i.a. for quite sometime abd honestly I don't have a lifeforms reason as to why. I had been going to a shop and getting acrylics nails, I know I know don't shame me for it. It can be addicting haha But no worries I'm back and with a series. As you all may know Pinterest is full of ideas and diys. So I've decided to gather up a few nail designs/diys posted there abd attempt to do them.   No worries I will be posting by my own nail are as well. I will start doing my nails every week like I was in the past. The only difference is that one week in each month will be dedicated to a pinterest nail diy.  They will vary in difficulty and simplicity if the design. The only thing that would be changed is an addition of my own to the overall design such as being, rhinestones etc. I hope you all will love this mini series!!! If you have any you want me to try tag it to me on pinterest using my name chelette terrell.


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