Pinterest series #2: Neon Polka Dots

I know I'm late. I am aware that I did every month but some days I'm just not up for doing my nails. I literally plan it out and choose a day and don't follow through. Today isn't that day! I have a new Pinterest series for you all. This month it's the neon polka dot design. I'm sure you guys have seen it before, it's been popping up on my Pinterest feed just about every day. Unlike the paid design I kept with this design just as it is on Pinterest. I picked corresponding colors and various dotting tools and went with the flow. When recreating this I would say be sure that you choose flat polishes, meaning ones with no sheen or shine to them. If you do choose polishes such as this be sure that they are all like that so they don't look mismatched. I'm really liking this design, it turned out great the colors are gorgeous and it allows wiggle room for if you want to personalize it. I hope you guys like!!!!!!
------------------------------------ peaceout, c.lette


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