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Friday, August 25, 2017

Trend Try: SNS Powder

As I've been on my unplanned hiatus from blogging I've been trying out a few trends that of which I was supposed to blog about months ago. SNS powder being one of the latest trends I figured I'd have a stab at it. I heard some reviews about it mostly good I might add so I though t why not. Because I myself didn't know about purchasing it especially if I didn't like it I went to my local nail shop. Now my experience with the powder wasn't a great one. I don't know why because every individual in the shop does a great job at nails and that's including acrylics to shellac or basic manicure. The nails were gorgeous and the color was vibrant but the strength I am used to having just was not there. I figured I could let that slide though until I got home a few days later I noticed that a number of the nails had a cracks in the powder. Because the powder was over my natural nails I hoped the cracks wouldn't get back that it would go through my real nails. Although the nails cracked they didn't chip or break but they were weak so after another week or so I decided to clip my nails down. That was ok I guess but the overall look of the powder was far from cute. The powder or gel top coat was easy to scratch up and with nail growth that for some reason was very easy to notice the nails were horrible. My overall review of SNS powder is a 3 out of 5. It was not a completely bad experience but it was not an amazing one either. I would try it again maybe in the future when I grow my nails out without the use of acrylics, it's not anything I'll be using anytime soon. Advice: If you like extra strength because you use your hands often I recommend you get something stronger like hard gel or acrylic or I would say only to use SNS powder if you have grown your natural nails out and they are strong on their own. I hope you guys like!!!!!------------c.lette below are pics from When nails were first done, cracks after a few days, and after nails were cut down with grow

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