Bling Never Hurt Nobody!

For the first time in forever I did a nail design well I wouldn't say design but I added some flare to a regular old set with some crystals. Although I liked it, it didn't add the umf I wanted but I dealt with it. Everything about this set was going great with until I realized I did the ultimate no no. Gel topcoat over regular polish, polish that I don't think was fully set underneath even though I let it dry overnight. Well once I got out the shower the next morning I noticed the gel started to wrinkle because of the polish under. It wasn't super noticeable so I let it be and went on about my business just to get to work and have crystals fall off and polish being pushed around. I don't have pictures of that catastrophe because I'm not going to put myself out there like that haha. Anyways long story short they looked great enough for me to get some pictures. Hope you guys like, I did for a very short amount of time. Btw the sparkle on the nail in the second pic was purely authentic from the sun, no editing just watermark placement. ------------------see ya, c.lette


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